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Maintaining website content can be a tedious task .It could be updating prices, product availability, checking market prices and saving data to excel sheets or any other system. The issue with these positions for many businesses is because this is a simple yet monotonous job – employee replacement rates are high forcing businesses to continuously train new employees over and over. Working with B-Solutions you will not need to train anyone. If we experience employee circulation – we will train them. not you.

Our Solution

At B Solution Services, we have a different approach compared to other companies when it comes to pricing our services. Rather than adjusting our fees based on the size or budget of the customer, we advertise a set hourly fee for all our services on our website, regardless of the company’s size or requirements.

Many service companies prefer not to disclose their prices online so that they can tailor them to the customer’s needs and budget. For instance, a large business with a bigger budget may be charged a higher fee than a smaller or new business working with a limited budget. However, at B Solution Services, we believe in transparency, and therefore we provide a clear breakdown of the cost based on the number of hours required for the project or service.

Our pricing approach enables our customers to understand the cost involved in engaging our services and make an informed decision based on their budget and requirements. At B Solution Services, we work collaboratively with our clients, ensuring that our pricing is fair, transparent, and tailored to their specific needs.

Make a wise decision for your business

Looking to check your competitors prices? Need to update new products or prices on your website? do you want to generate an excel file from different data sources? Just provide us the information and we will take care of it. whatever you need – same price for 1 hour.

  1. Accurate time estimations per service.
  2. All our representatives meet the required credentials.
  3. Redesign and update your business web page with relevant content.


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